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We strive to offer an ever wider selection of services but above all we try to be a reliable and updated source of information for your various needs in pharmacotherapy, health and wellness.




Our dedicated staff prepares and distributes medical products and offer consultations with clients. We work closely with your physician in order to give you the best possible care.

We aim to fulfil your prescription in a way that suits you best.


On the compounding side, we have been compounding quality products since 1997.


Here is a non exhaustive list of  compounds we can prepare for you:

- creams, gels, lotions

- capsules

- troches / lozenges

- suppositories

- oral suspensions

- numerous flavoring possibilities


We invite you to come in and ask about all the different compounds we can prepare for you.




We have a large selection of orthopedic products: compression socks, ortheses, podiatry articles and the knowledge to guide you!


We offer multiple tests: hormonal tests to measure your hormonal levels and help in the rebalancing of your hormones.


NEW SERVICE: we are proud to offer a pharmacogenomics testing service. A saliva tests can help you to evaluate your metabolic profile for more than 50 medications and increase the probability of the medication to work adequately. Among the therapeutics areas covered: pain, antidepressants, nutrition/ metabolism.

Scientist in the Lab


We offer a large selection of diabetic supplies including syringes/needles, insulin, insulin pens, blood glucose monitors and test strips.


A pharmacist is available to answer questions and provide training on monitors, medication, insulin and lifestyle.


We are proud to offer a large selection of quality supplements and vitamins. We are specialists in phytotherapy and supplements and are here to respond to any of your questions.


We also carry numerous cosmetic brands preservative free and environment friendly.

We can also help you customize your favorite companion's medications!

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